What we do

  • Feed and clothe homeless and less fortunate individuals
  • Sponsor Orphans to provide education, food, shelter and clothing
  • Provide water facilities to communities with no clean drinking water
  • Provide food, water and clothing to refugees worldwide
  • Fund operations for cataract and cleft lips for disadvantaged individuals
  • We carry out all of our projects with great care and diligence. We only take on projects we can fully guarantee 100% of the funds will be used for the cause in question.
  • Every project is monitored from start to finish by one of the trustees of the charities. Every single penny is accounted for to ensure your money is spent wisely.
  • Building a Mosque.
  • UK Based Projects


The number of people suffering from malnutrition in the United Kingdom is estimated to be around 3 million people.

Realising the seriousness of the situation, we have been working diligently towards assisting the homeless. We currently distribute food to the homeless and vulnerable in Cambridge, Walsall and Birmingham.

During winter months we also distribute winter packs to ease the pain of those sleeping rough on the streets.

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We currently assist refugees worldwide. We began assisting refugees in France during the influx in 2015.

Over recent years we have assisted refugees in Germany, Greece, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our recent project was undertaken in Bangladesh where we visited the Rohingya Refugees and spent time in the camps.

We were able to hear the stories of many refugees and feed thousands of families and clothe hundreds of children.

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Sponsoring orphans

Since 2017 we have taken on the responsibility of sponsoring 7 children in Pakistan. Their food, clothing, medicine, and education is covered to ensure they have a good chance in life.

Our Orphan sponsorship programme changes the lives of children in some of the most deprived communities in Pakistan. With your help we can ensure that they receive an education, food, healthcare, medical support and the loving care that any child needs.

These are the basics that millions of children are deprived of and where your contributions mean that they are looked after and given hope for the future.

Sponsoring an orphan means a better life for children in need A monthly donation of £35 provides an orphan with life-changing opportunities.

We are partnered with an organisation called KORT which is a UK based charity which runs a world class orphanage in Pakistan.

By sponsoring an Orphan you will receive a sponsorship welcome kit containing:

  • Photo of your child
  • Child details
  • Family background
  • Education details

Every year we will receive a detailed report on the child’s education, their progress and a hand written letter from the child.

If you wish to write to your sponsored child, we’ll make sure it is delivered to them.

We can even organise visitation rights so you can meet the child face to face.

This bond between you and the orphan is vital and the child will feel happy to connect with the donor that is making their life so much better.

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Providing water facilities

It is estimated around 844 million people don’t have clean water close to their home.

Without this basic service, they have no choice but to drink dirty water that could kill them.

We believe everyone has the right to clean water to drink so they can lead healthy, dignified and productive lives.

Women and girls suffer the most, often having to make the long walk to collect dirty water that stops them from going to school, earning a living and achieving their dreams.

So Far we have installed over 40 waterwells and water pumps in deprived areas of Pakistan and Africa which has provided thousands of people with clean drinking water.

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Cataract operation

Just behind the iris (the coloured part of the eye) is the lens. The lens helps focus light onto the retina (the light sensitive layer at the back of the eye).

Lenses need to be clear (transparent) to let the light pass through. A cataract is the name for a lens that has become cloudy.

More than 39 million people are suffering unnecessary blindness as they are unable to pay for a simple cataract operation.

We have partnered up with local doctors from around the world who visit parts of Pakistan to carry out Cataract operations. Since 2017 we have helped set up eye camps for patients to attend to have their eyes tested and operated on.

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Cleft Lip operation

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft lip or palate. A simple operation at an early age can help a child avoid malnourishiment, difficulty with speech or social isolation because of their cleft condition.

We have partnered with the Cleft Hospital in Pakistan to work closely with helping children with cleft lips undertake the operation to remove this and live normal everyday lives.

From as little as £250 you can transform a child’s life.

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Volunteer with us

If you have a can do attitude and thrive on helping less fortunate people, we need your help.

By volunteering with OHF, you won’t just be helping others, you’ll also be learning new skills, gaining valuable work experience, developing your work confidence, meeting likeminded do gooders.

Please email us on enquiries@onehopefoundation.co.uk for further information.