Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How can you say it's a 100% donation policy?

All our accounts are open, every donation is accounted for and all expenses and costs are covered by our volunteers!

What about payment fees if I make card donations?

We recommend you donate via bank transfer to avoid any payment fees, although we can accept debit and credit card donations with a very minimal fee, gift aid can also add to your donation and no extra cost to you.

Can we see your accounts?

Yes! – our accounts are open to the public and all donations are documented.

Can I send Cash or Cheque?

Yes! Get in touch with us.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes you can, just get in touch and request one from us :).

Do you pay volunteers?

The main principle and foundation of our charity is to avoid and minimise costs (as they come from our own pocket). Which means we have to pay for our travel expenses, event fees and so much more, so unfortunately we don’t pay volunteers – however believe us when we tell you the reward outweighs the cash!

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