Who We are

One Hope Foundation is a UK registered charity and international NGO established in 2016 by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and distress. 

The group took their ideas to the wider community and were pleased to get the support of many individuals to put their ideas into practice. Just a few years on the charity has become a globally recognised charity.

100% Donation policy

We have set rules in place when dealing with charity money. We have an open book policy which means you can see all our charity account records.

One Hope Foundation believes in transparency which can give donors the right to know where and how money is spent. 

Our fundamental principle is the fact that the charity works on a 100% donation policy. This means every single penny you donate goes towards the project you want it to go towards. 

A question we are frequently asked is how do we cover the cost of the charity expenses such as travel, marketing and fund raising events etc? This is a very good question as expenses do cost a considerable amount of money. All the expenses of the charity are covered by the trustees and some very dedicated members.

We are also registered with gift aid which means we can claim back tax. The tax claimed back is used towards the charities expenses.

We have a separate expense account which ensures the expenses for the charity is completely separate to the charity money. As is our charity account, our expense account is open for everyone to see.

Volunteer with us

If you have a can do attitude and thrive on helping less fortunate people, we need your help.

By volunteering with OHF, you won’t just be helping others, you’ll also be learning new skills, gaining valuable work experience, developing your work confidence, meeting likeminded do gooders.

Please email us on enquiries@onehopefoundation.co.uk for further information.